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opening statement. a crazy, ugly game with a must-see ending. final stretch. d.c. mayor >> ally: candidates have one more day to get their message out to voters. new controversy. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> welcome to news 4 today for this monday, september 13th, 2010. welcome back. nice to have you. >> thank you. >> tom has the forecast for us. another nice workweek for us. >> starting off with a little fog. may cause problems this morning. the fog has thickened and reduced visibilities in many locations mainly west of interstate 95. a few locations in southern
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maryland the fog has thickened up. 64 in washington. away from the waters it's just near 60. 50s generally elsewhere in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. dulles, quarter minl. culpepper half a mile. la plata to under a mile. now they're back up and go. zero visibility in martinsburg, hagersto hagerstown. chilly morning in the 40s in the valley. fog western maryland, west virginia. over the fog the sky is beginning to clear out. as the day progresses the fog will dissipate. increasing sunshine. mostly sunny for the primary election day tomorrow.
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on wednesday, again, up near 80 with sunshine, low humidity. could get more much needed rain on thursday. jerry, how is the monday commute now? >> watch out for the fog. but certainly not an issue in town. a new traffic pattern to tell you about. 395 north bound, 14th street bridge. far left lane is taken away. this is i think the fifth phase. it's the left lane closed up. veer a little bit to the right. you can exit to the g.w. parkway. you start to lose the left lane. three lanes will get you by. everybody is doing it within fine fashion. see if that's the case elsewhere this morning. making a trip along 66. tom mentioned the fog. saw some out in manassas. a truck dumped a bunch of gravel. how are we doing on the rail?
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fine. two delays, camden 841 and 843. under ten minutes each. joe? >> all right. jerry, thanks so much. >> jerry, thanks a lot. redskins fans are certainly rejoicing this morning. it was hardly a dominating job. redskins touchdown was a fumble recovery by hall at the very end so fast first half. thaws and two cowboys dgot the win. touchdown pass by tony romo was passed back because of a holding penalty. see if you can see this. after the game new head coach says he was happy with a win even if it was not exactly pretty. >> nice team win. as i told our player, sometimes the offense is going to play
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good. other times the defense and special teams. but at the end of the day you have to find a way to win. that's what we did today. police say a man was shot and killed inside a home. it happened late last night in the 6800 block of field master drive in springfield. megan is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this happened 10:00 last night. police are still o scene. you can see the police cars behind me here. they're standing out in front of this house on the 6800 block of field master drive. the house is completely encircled by police tape. we can see investigators in the home as well as in the driveway. an active crime seen as they were continue with their investigation. there was one vaft in this incident. app adult male shot to death
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inside the home. that's all police are willing to say at this point. they're still trying to piece together exactly what happened and they're not releasing a whole lot of information. we can tell you shortly after 10:00, that's when the incident happened last night. we are told this was a targeted attack, that this was not a random act of violence. the victim was targeted. i asked whether this was a domestic situation or not. police are not willing to say that at this point. all they will say is that there is -- they don't believe there is any other threat to the greater community at this point. they will not comment on whether an arrest has been made or whether they are talking to someone or not. all they will say is they do not believe there's any tarng on anyone else in the neighborhood at this time. so a lot of unanswered questions. back to you in the studio. >> megan, no word inform any suspects at this point? >> reporter:. they won't say whether they have
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questioned anybody. they just say this was a targeted attack. >> megan, thanks so much. this morning we're getting two different stories about what led up to eye police officer shooting and killing a dog over the weekend in adams morgan. d.c. police say an officer shot the dog after it bit two people at the adams morgan festival. officers say it happened when they tried to break up the fight between a dog and another dog. you owner for the family says that's not happy. he says the dog never bit anyone and never showed aggression toward people. people are still investigating what happened into a candidate gained major support f.
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they slammed the sheriff and his department over the shooting of two dogs in a drug raid two years ago. the service employees international union sent the flyers throughout prince george's county. the union endorsed maryland delegate doirl neiman, who was running for reelection. neiman called the flyers unfair because most candidates don't have the resources to dispute the claims. when you come day after day after day after day, same things again, things carefully written and manipulated to create negative impressions, you can't compete with that. i think it's terrible, actualliment totally distorted process. >> he is now returning a $1,000 from the union to the campaign. news 4 called he and e-mailed representatives from the union but have not heard back.
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a man in a ski mask followed a girl to school thursday outside bell elementary in rockville. three girls were playing when one of them says a man wearing all black and a mask over his face approached her. the girl says the man followed her until she re-joined her friends. president obama heads to fairfax county. they tried to return home for the first time since the massive gas line explosion and fire. 6:08 is your time right now. a little bit of fog out there. beautiful skies. a cool morning. tom will have your forecast right after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india,
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time for weather and traffic on the ones. good morning. 6:11.
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thickening fog in parts of maryland and virginia west of interstate 95. temperatures under a partly cloud skr skies. mid-60s near the bay. closer to washington and prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery, in the 50s. fog dissipating by mid to late morning. increasing sunshine this afternoon. highs in the low 80s. morning lows, 50. showers on thursday. how is the traffic now, jerry? >> tom, certainly getting busy. no hangups to report approaching the woodrow wilson bridge. traffic close to it is the outer loop. there's the inner loop. watch out for a little bit of fog. let's head over and see how we're doing elsewhere. the fog has rolled in. outer loop and inner loop. visibility dropping just a little bit. be aware of that. tom, also mentioned out to the west, possibly north at i-270,
6:13 am
interstate 70. keep a watch on that, keep you updated. right now everyone is slowing down appropriately and that is a good thing. >> it is, indeed. thanks, jerry. >> 64 degrees. don't look now. but a hurricane in the atlantic is getting stronger and about to be a category 5 storm. congress returns to work this week. the tough decisions he faces that could save you thousands of dollars. it wasn't pretty, but it was a win. yeah, but... what.. happened to the back there?
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what a way to start the season. a fumble recovery return for deangelo hall. drama to cap off the night. the cowboys looked to have game one with a last second touchdown pass from romo to williams. a holding penalty wiped that touchdown from the scoreboard and the skins walk away with a 13-7 win. this morning fans are masking in a win over their arch rivals. derrick ward is live at the metro station with more on what fans are saying. dak, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. i'm sure one of the questions
6:17 am
is, am i going to pair all my redskins pair fer nal ya this week? a touchdown and a pair of field goals. defense scored the touchdown. fans will take it, especially if it's a win against the cowboys. sporting the burgandy and gold. a little more meaningful for fans. new quarterback, new coach this week. there are quite a few dallas fans in these parts. in the last few seconds of the game it looked like they may have something to brag about today. after that we preserved the skins lead and the bragging rights go to the fans. >> are you proud of wearing that shirt today? >> sure, i am. >> what did you think about the game? >> it was wonderful. it was just too late.
6:18 am
>> do you work with dallas fans? >> oh, yeah. a whole bunch of them. >> what is it going to be like today? >> redskins all day long. >> reporter: indeed. enjoy. another game is coming up next week. >> thanks so much. president obama will be in fairfax county today. he's scheduled to meet with the family at their home and talk about the economy. he made a similar stop last month in ohio and had a kitchen table is discussion with that family. lawmakers need to decide what to do with tax cuts that were put in place by the bush administration. they're due to expire soon. more from capitol hill with the agenda ahead.
6:19 am
>> reporter: more taxes, tea partiers made their voices heard this weekend. >> i want it to stop. and i don't want the taxes. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act, your taxes go up january 1st. $3,600 for a family making $200,000. president obama wants to keep the bush tax cuts for those families but let them expire for incomes over $250,000. >> what we cannot afford to do is pass 700 additional billion dollars of tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: republicans had oppose thad, but one leader may now support it. >> if the only option i have is those for 250 and below, of course i'm going to do that. >> reporter: it's a thorny issue to decide before the elections. they have to decide on tax cuts for the rich later. >> let's not hold them hostage while we debate whether we are going to give this very small number of people at the top a tax cut we can't afford. >> reporter: what may pass next week, $30 billion for small
6:20 am
business loans. that stalemate was broken when one retiring republican agreed to vote for it. on the bush tax cuts, one compromise that's being floated around is raising the income cutoff. so only those over a million dollars in income, not 250, would see higher taxes. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. investigators are still looking for answers after a huge gas explosion in san bruno, california. right now the death toll stands at four but is expected to rise as investigators go through the scene. crews have search and rescue dogs going through the rubble to look for them. the national transportation safety board is still investigating why pacific gas and electric pipe exploded thursday morning.
6:21 am
>> a 28-foot section of 30-inch pipe. we are, as we speak, crating it up, putting it in a crate because the investigators decided that needs to go back to the metallurgy labs in washington. >> meanwhile, california regulators ordered pacific gas and electric to examine all of its pipes. there will be a hearing later this week. a close eye on two storms brewing out in the atlantic. hurricane igor is now a category 4 hurricane with winds up to 150 miles per hour. it could reach category 5 status later this week. following closely behind is tropical storm julia. julie was just upgraded to a tropical storm this weekend. it's unclear whether either storm will be a threat to last. tom is here and can tell us what's it look like right now? >> it appears it's a waffle
6:22 am
hurricane. right now the long-range track keeps it out to sea. could be threatening bermuda saturday morning. right now we're dealing with dense fog. frederick and washington county and maryland and areas east of the blue ridge. prince william, culpepper, madison, dprooen, charlotteville, watch out. some of the areas have fog to near zero visibility. high today in the low 80s. with sunshine increasing more of the same tuesday and wednesday. friday, into the weekend, settled weather. highs in the 70s to near 80. >> tom, you warned us and there it is. the fog quite dense this morning. this is 66 eastbound to manassas, to centerville. keep your speeds down and just
6:23 am
be aware of your surroundings because that fog looks pretty thick making the trip in. 95 southbound in virginia an accident. a tractor trailer involved in this one. 95 southbound on the right side of the roadway currently tied up. not a big backup yet pause it is southbound but it is growing very quickly. metro rails okay. fredericksburg, slight delay. train ten minutes behind schedule. 25 minutes behind schedule. >> thank you, jerry. 6:23. 60 degrees. what the lawyer for an american jailed in iran is waiting for before she can be released. >> the four-letter word every driver hates to hear, toll.
6:24 am
the new plan to bring tolls to highways in our area. and you never know what can happen at the video music awards this year.
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good morning and welcome back. iran will follow through with their promise to release one of the three jailed hikers. it said it would release shara showered after she pays a half million dollar bail. they first said they would released her on friday but backed off that. she is suffering from health issues. they were all arrested last year. iran accused them of illegally crossing the border and spying
6:28 am
for the united states. there was a big winner at the mtv video music awards. >> best female video goes to lady gaga, bad romance. >> no surprise there. she picked up eight trophies, including best video of the year for bad romance. the pop superstar did not perform but that did not stop her from being several costume changes. >> i think it's safe to say she performed. >> next at 6:30, live with police as they investigate a late night murder in a fairfax county neighborhood. and attack ads that has many angry this morning. and the game's final play. how the red since
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6:30 am
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good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. it is monday, september 13th, 2010. a live look outside at 6:31. a lovely look at the sky and son ready to come up in a few minutes. the sun will be up to 15 minutes. they're getting later and later. this hour, as the sun is rising we are seeing more and more fog
6:32 am
forming. there is dense fog in washington, frederick county in montana, panhandle of maryland, shenandoah valley, prince william, madison, green, culpepper counties. many locations where the temperatures are in the 50s. near zero visibility. areas east of there generally have better visibility. about a mile and a half. temperatures in the 40s in many locations. off to a partly cloudy start. increasing sunshine. more of the same tuesday and wednesday. how is the traffic? >> tom, indeed, it appears that fog is really getting thick out there. interstate 66 now eastbound out of manassas as you head toward centerville and continuing into fair oaks. very, very thick fog. it appears everybody is starting to slow down, which they certainly should. just be aware of it. something
6:33 am
you'll have to deal with. very intense fog. accident 95 southbound at laurton. at least one tractor trailer. traffic is squeezing by. the left side will get you by. it is growing very, very quickly southbound. northbound lanes are open. but there is a rubber necking delay. out to the rails we go. i'll update you. metro rails doing fine. a whopping 27 minutes behind schedule at this point. joe? >> thank you very much, jerry. >> you can almost hear the victory song lingering in the air this morning. it was hardly a dominating win, but they got the job done. redskins only touchdown was a fumble recovery by deangelo hall at the very end of the first half. that, plus two field goals gave a win, 13-7. huge miscue on the last play of the day sealed the deal.
6:34 am
it was called back because of a flagrant holding penalty. new head coach said he was happy with the win even if it wasn't pretty. >> it was a nice team win. i told our players, i said sometimes the offense will play good. sometimes special teams. but you have to find a way to win. that's what we did today. >> so, how are fans react something we'll hear from a live report in 6:45. a developing story out of fairfax county. a man was targeted, shot and killed inside a home in the 68 hup block of field master drive in springfield. this 6s megan is live with the latest on this. and do we know whether this was the victim's home? >> police are not willing to say at this point whether or not the victim was the home owner. what they will say is this was was not a random act of
6:35 am
violence. they knew the pepper who fired the fatal shots. police are still on the scene. investigators are still inside. police say they do not believe there is any threat to the community at this point. i did some whether they have made any arrests in this case. they will not say one way or the other. asked whether this was a specific situation that led to the fatal shooting they will not comment on that either. they said it was not a random act and there is no danger on the community at this point. back to you in the studio. >> reporting live, thanks very much, megan. now to decision 2010. tomorrow is primary day in d.c. maryland. we have voter tampering allegations that surfaced this weekend in the district. the claim that someone was offering grocery store gift cards to get people to vote.
6:36 am
>> could i get a giant gift card if i vote? >> it's not to vote. >> what are we getting it for. >> listen, you get them for lunch, for dinner. this morning the "washington post" reports that core masters, estranged wife of marion berry, is claiming responsibility. it was part of the ward 8 voter assurance unity campaign. she denies any connection to either may oomayoral campaign. >> they found there was a whole group of people who were told if they went and voted they would also get a gift card and the people who were doing it were either volunteers, affiliates or
6:37 am
employees. >> nobody in our campaign had anything to do with gift cards. and i think somebody in the video said something about nonpartisan, right? one candidate picked up more support ahead of tomorrow's primary. jackson has been the sheriff in the county for the last eight years. despite the endorsement, jackson's campaign and several others are taking a hit from flyers that went out to voters. one slams the sheriff and his department over the shooting of two dogs in a drug raid two years ago. the service employees international union local and prince george's county sent it out throughout the county. and doyle neiman, who is running for reelection. he called the flyers unfair because, he said, most candidates don't have the
6:38 am
resources to dispute the claims. >> i think they're behaving in a sluggish fashion when they come day after day after day carefully written and manipulated to create these negative impressions. you can't compete with that. >> and neiman is now returning a $1,000 contribution. news 4 sought reaction from union representatives but we have not heard back. 6:38 is your time now. a heads-up before you grab your latte. why some think starbucks is misleading customers. a plan to ease traffic congestion around the area, tolls. a little fog, beautiful skies. sun is coming up in a minute. stay with us.
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6:41. time for weather and traffic on the ones. right now we have some patchy dense fog in parts of western maryland, frederick county, as well as northern virginia. louden. prince william. northern shenandoah valley.
6:42 am
panhandle of west virginia to culpepper. near zero visibility. temperatures in the 50s. near the bay, 40s in the mountains. high today as the fog diminishing. increasing sunshine. more of the same on tuesday and wednesday. could get needed rain. a look at friday and the weekend. latest on the tropics in ten minutes. how is the traffic? >> a lot of folks getting caught by surprise because of the backup. right side of your screen 95 southbound jammed from headed toward lorton. right side of the roadway is blocked. northbound, just a brief rubber necking delay. quick check elsewhere. head over. new york avenue looks good through northeast. one illegally parked vehicle approaching north capital street. hopefully authorities will get it out quickly. >> jerry, thanks a lot. 6:43. warning from police to parents
6:43 am
this morning. what may be lurking near a local elementary school. why a police officer took out his gun and shot a dog during a crowded festival in the district. it was sloppy, ugly but it was a win. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open
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good morning. welcome back. redskins are 1-0 this morning. the long-awaited season opener down to two plays. deangelo hall knocks the ball loose. cowboys cost themselves the game. they looked to have the game won with the last second touchdown pass from romo to williams. but a flagrant holding penalty wiped that touchdown from the scoreboard. and the skins walk away at the end of the game with a 13-7 win. this morning fans are reveling with a big rivalry win. a strong start for a team that experienced a lot of big changes during the off-season. more on this talking to fans out
6:47 am
there. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning, joe. what a way to start the season. a nail biter they end up pulling off against the cowboys. now, it was close and exciting right up to the final seconds of the game at fedex field. in the end the team prevailed and pulled off a win against the cowboys. in the last second it looked as if the skins fans would be in for ribbing today. it preserved bragging rights for the skins fans. >> are you proud of wearing the shirt today? >> sure, i am. >> reporter: what did you think about the game? >> it was wonderful. it was just too late. >> reporter: do you work with dallas fans? >> a whole bunch of them. >> reporter: what's it going to be like today? >> redskins all day long. >> reporter: redskins all day long. something a little troubling in
6:48 am
that the offense didn't score a touchdown. it was acknowledged by the both and quarterback. the offense will have time to redeem itself next week when they take on the houston texans. now back to you. >> derrick, thanks very much. this morning we're getting two different stories about what led to a splaufr shooting and killing a dog in adams morgan. an officer shot the dog after he said it pit two people at the festival. they tried to break up the fight between that dog and a smaller dog. john valentine represents lucky dog. he said the dog has never bitten anyone and never showed dpraegz. a warning for parents before you send your kids off to a school. a girl claims a man in a ski mask followed her.
6:49 am
in it happened outside bell elementa elementary. according to montgomery county police, the man followed her until they rejoined her friends. metro hopes it can get out of paying a tax on energy. the tax would cost $2.8 million. leaders say the energy tax applies to all businesses, individuals and government agencies. transportation officials in the region are developing a plan for a new massive network of toll roads that would cover every national roadway. the board wants to create a network of toll lanes. roadways being considered include 295, 595, 66 and the
6:50 am
george washington parkway. specific rights are not part of the current proposals but they would depend on time of day. it includes a 500 mile rapid transit system as well. well, president obama leaves the white house to make a very short trip to fairfax county. he will talk about a family about how the economy affected their lifestyle. he made a similar stop last month at a home in ohio. congress gets back to work this week. whether the main topic up for debate, whether to extend the bush administration's tax cuts. courtney reagan joins us live with more on the story. happy monday. >> reporter: hi. happy monday. we're off and running. congress returns from summer vacation this week with little time to finish work before hitting the campaign trail next
6:51 am
week. a small business pill in the senate would create a $30 fund to urge banks to lend to small companies. republicans say it's a junior vision of the wall street playout. what brown can't do for you ups is dropping its well-known ad, what brown can do for you. the ads in mandarin, spanish and english will be sung to "that's amore". >> starbucks may be getting sneaky. new outdoor menu boards don't feature the smaller and cheaper tall size. bloggers and branding experts say starbucks is nudging hurried customers to spend more than
6:52 am
they would have wanteded but they said it's just simplifying the menu. customers can still buy the tall drink. back to you. >> courtney, they're not going to change the trucks to fuchsia? >> i think brown stays the color. new slogan, new focus. >> pretty snappy, too. >> a memorable one, right? >> thanks very much. >> we are all scratching our heads about that one. >> if they're good at it, hey. all right, tom, you're good at the weather. what's going on. >> we have the fog. a view from sky watcher camera. fog in northwest washington. off in the distance is mopt goalry county. there's patchy fog that quickly formed close to the city. watch out for that this morning. these are the latest visibilities. 10 mile visibility. near zero in prince george's county. this formed rapidly in the last few minutes.
6:53 am
near zero visibility many locations in northern virginia. only in the 40s in the mountains this morning. mostly clear. eastern shore. we do have hurricane igor. well-formed eye that has increased in strength over the top. statistic wndz are 150 miles per hour. strong category 4 storm. 2,000 miles away from ocean city. could threaten bermuda by saturday morning. right now we have patchy fog for the students waiting at the bus stops. watch out for that. temperatures in the 50s and low to mid-60s. highs should make it to the low 80s. 50s again tomorrow morning. maybe a little patchy fog tomorrow. good weather for the election
6:54 am
tomorrow. sunny both days. near 80. could get needed showers thursday but drying out to the weekend. time to take a look along interstate 66. appears the fog may be burning off a little bit. visibility is a little bit better. 66 east pound, fair ox and beyond. just be aware that the fog could still be an issue for you. staying with virginia, 95 northbound. the ramp from 95 north to the parkway, accident. that ramp is closed. so no accident on the parkway off 95 parkway. let's update you on the rails. metro continues to have a good morning. slightly behind schedule. mark rail, cam dell 863. less than -- i'm sorry camp den
6:55 am
is 7 behind schedule. joe? >> all right. thanks, jerry. >> we are following a developing story in fairfax county. a man shot and killed inside a home. it happened late last night in the 6800 block of field master drive in springfield. meg megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. investigators are still on the scene. they're not providing much detail about what happened here late last night. we can tell you a map was shot and killed inside this home on field master drive. police say this was not a random act of violence. this was a targeted attack. police will not comment whether any people vn taken into custody. all they will say is there is no threat to the neighborhood at this point. so they believe the situation is contained. back to you. >> all right.
6:56 am
megan, thank you. and here now is a look at the morning's top stories. today is the final day of early voting in the district. mayor adrian fenty is in a tough reelection bid against vincent gray. tomorrow, ox, is primary day in d.c. and in maryland. crews in virginia are still seven fog for six missing people. the state has ordered pge to examine all of it natural pipelines. family members hope iran will follow through on their rms to released american hiker sarah shourd. her attorneys are awaiting confirmation that the bail has been received. a huge win overed cowboys. the game ended in thrilling fashion with a dallas touchdown called back because of a holding
6:57 am
penalty in the final seconds of the game. go skins. >> good start to a season. thank you for starting your monday with us. >> "today" show is next. back here bright and early. we start at 4:30. join us then. until then have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bye. [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything.
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